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Getting the perfect Golf Swing

You’ve spent countless hours at all the local golf schools, learning the golf swing basics, correcting your golf swing errors. But you are still not able to do a full swing and have a consistent golf game.  It could be your fascia! If your body can’t rotate far enough, you aren’t going to be able to […]

What is cellulite?

Causes of Cellulite   The first thing to know about the causes of cellulite is that the dimpled appearance on your legs is not excess fat or water at all!   Most of us are told that to reduce cellulite, we must exercise to burn fat or do strength training to build muscle. Weight loss, […]

What is Block Therapy?

what is block therapy?

To better understand what Block Therapy is, let’s first explore what fascia is and the events that led to its creation.   Fascia has the power to seal up to bone with a force of 2000 pounds per square inch. That’s an incredible amount if you consider that we pump our tires at 35 pounds […]

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