Double Bliss | Block Buddy Block Baby


  • Block Buddy (Bamboo) and Block Baby (cedar)
  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos
  • 12 Classes recorded classes to take on your own schedule (yours forever)
  • FREE Month on Blockheads (3 live classes a day)
  • FREE shipping


The Double Bliss program is the perfect starter for anyone interested in Block Therapy, including:

  • Block Buddy (bamboo) – specifically made for Block Therapy
  • Block Baby (cedar) – hand crafted cedar block
  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos – these videos cover all the vital information you need to start your Block Therapy practice
  • 12 Classes recorded classes to take on your own schedule (yours forever) –  the 12 classes cover the basic positions, covering the whole body.  Each class is 30 minutes, and are designed for you to take your own pace.
  • FREE Month of Blockheads –  enjoyed the dynamic and collective energy of all the Blockheads, during live 30 minute class.   Be inspired by others on the Block Therapy journey.
  • and Free Shipping