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Metabolism is the body’s ability to use oxygen to convert food into cellular energy.  As we age our metabolism slows down.  There are several theories on why this happens. Our theory is that when we are young our bodies don’t have a lot of compressions.  

Because of the constant force of gravity, our poor posture, and shallow breathing, we collapse into our core.  Any injuries or surgeries create more blocks to blood and oxygen flow.

Over time these barricades mean there are fewer cells to feed, slowing down our metabolism.

It’s a vicious cycle, the longer we breathe incorrectly, the more we collapse into our core.  And the slower our metabolism becomes.

Breathing and Metabolism Research


Correct breathing is when we breathe with our diaphragm, called diaphragmatic breathing.

overlay of the digestive organs on a womans body 2018 study found that proper diaphragmatic breathing increases your metabolism.  Diaphragmatic Breathing increases our oxygen intake by up to six times. When we have more oxygen in our blood, our systems and organs function at their best.  This includes our metabolism.

Your metabolism also speeds up when you work out or do bodybuilding.  But, if you aren’t aware of your posture during workouts, you could be compressing your body more.  

If you want to increase your metabolism, even more, we have to release the adhesions in our fascia.   These adhesions block blood and oxygen, which starves our cells.


The good news is we can integrate and awaken those compressed cells, creating more cells to feed.  We have approximately one hundred trillion cells to feed. Every cell has a position in its body.  Over time we migrate away from balance, because of gravity and not being aware of our unconscious posture being incorrect.

This is how Block Therapy helps, it melts through the adhesions which block blood and oxygen flow, which in turn rejuvenates cells, increasing the number of cells that need feeding and cleaning.

When people in bodybuilding and fitness gain more muscle mass, their metabolism increases.  Over time their metabolism decreases because they don’t breathe correctly, becoming more compressed.

The great news is you don’t need to increase your muscle mass to increase your metabolism.

What are my options?

Now you have an option with Block Therapy.  Melting through the fascia adhesions and understanding proper alignment.    You can put back space into your tissue.  Feed your body up to six times the amount of oxygen with proper diaphragmatic breathing.   You will unconsciously have proper alignment and a body functioning correctly.

The practice of Block Therapy is simple, there is no skill involved, anyone can do it. Whether you are bedridden with fibromyalgia or an elite athlete,  you’ll benefit from melting through your fascial adhesions. Regardless of where you are, increasing your oxygen uptake will only benefit you. 

If you would like to learn more about what Block Therapy, book a Call with Helen or if you would like to know where to buy Block Therapy Blocks click here

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