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Block Therapy Questions

Where to buy Block Therapy blocks?

Blocks can be purchased from our online store, they are shipped from Australia or the United States, depending on your location. 


If you are just starting with Block Therapy, your first purchase comes with the Blockheads Block Basics program.  This includes everything you need to get started, including 12 pre-recorded 30-minute classes covering your whole body.


Additional blocks can be purchased through the store by sending me a message at, or calling me at +614 35149 119

How long does Block Therapy take?

Most of the classes are about 30 minutes long. You should be able to feel a difference after each class.  We have some specialised classes that are generally 60 – 90 minutes long. During each class we address a certain aspect of our body, and each class is part of a program, addressing a specific issue or concern.


We suggest you commit to releasing your fascia several times a week.


Block Therapy can be done at any time of the day, even while you are relaxing in bed.

Why are my ribs so sore?

You’re probably experiencing a rib-release. A rib release is a healing crisis unique to Block Therapy, and sometimes can be quite painful.


The more compressed or hunched we are, the more our ribs mesh together, eventually becoming quite hard.  As we release and soften this area, it can cause ribs to separate, causing inflammation.


If this happens, please don’t ice it. Ice stops the flow of blood to the area, we want to keep the area warm, so blood and oxygen can flow to this area.

Keep the area warm as possible, and if you can gently add the block the area.


Please reach out to us, if this occurs and we can guide you further.

Can I over do Block Therapy?

As long as you are breathing in a relaxed way, you can stay in any position longer than 3 minutes and do as many positions as you want.


You will be sending a lot more oxygen to your cells, so you may feel like you’ve been working out, or a little more tired as a result.

Account Questions

How do I create a free account

If you’re just thinking of Block Therapy and would like to try out Block Therapy before you invest in purchasing the Block Buddy or Block Baby, we have a free series called “Block Therapy Test Drive” where you are guided through basic Block Therapy positions using a rolled up towel. 


This will give you a greater understanding of the concept of Block Therapy and if this practice is right for you.  

How to access the free month of Blockheads

Congratulations!  If you have purchased any Block Therapy blocks from me, either with or without the Starter Program, you are eligible to receive a free month of Blockheads.  

Simply send us a message once you’ve completed Block Basics or feel comfortable doing basic Block Therapy positions.  

I look forward to meeting in a live Block Therapy Class!

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