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Your Guide to a Healthy

pain-free Body

Your Guide
to a Healthy

 pain-free Body

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Address Pain, Aging and Disease.   |    Maintain a Healthy Size and Shape   |     Manage Stress and Anxiety

Without having to take supplements, spend hours in the gym or go on a crazy diet.

Address Pain, Aging and Disease.   

  Maintain a Healthy Size and Shape   

Manage Stress and Anxiety


Without having to take supplements, spend hours in the gym or go on a crazy diet.

How does Block Therapy Work?

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Our bodies are kept together and protected by fascia.

Block Therapy releases the fascia and its adhesions, increasing the oxygen intake and blood flow to your cells.

As you work through your entire body, you can bring yourself into correct alignment, leading to greater health.


Block Therapy  


Your Block Therapy Instructor

Before discovering Block Therapy,  I thought that living with hip pain from an injury was something I needed to deal with every day, for the rest of my life.  And having aches and pains was just part of getting old.

How wrong I was!


Through Block Therapy, I learned that we have the power to repair damage caused by injury and counter the effects of aging on our bodies.

What a profound effect this has had on my life.


As the first Australian Block Therapy Instructor and Therapist, I am privileged to bring this work to you, so you too can create your beautiful, healthy body


I offer beginner programs where you work mostly on your own, with my support or individualised program where I evaluate your specific needs and recommend a customised program.  This is for those who want to accelerate their transformation and value one-on-one support.


Wherever you are on your wellness journey, I have an option for you.

Helen Ronnenbergh

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Block Therapy Reviews

“More strength in my legs”
Before I started Block Therapy, my body always tired very easily, particularly my legs. I had limited flexibility in my shoulders, the beginnings of a dowager’s hump, and I used a CPAP Machine.
Helen adjusted the positions I found challenging and suggested the programs to get the most efficient results.

I now have more strength in my legs, more flexibility in my shoulders, dowagers hump disappearing, lost weight, and don’t need the CPAP machine anymore. I can’t wait to see my results in the future, it’s sonexciting.


Gaye Wearne

“Back Pain Gone!”

My pain in my leg, my pain in my back, gone! I feel more flexible, more fluid.

Dr. Julia Bowlin

“I can not believe how my back feels!”

It took me a few days of doing the 40 min pelvis and legs class before I could move from the seating position to the kneeling position for the calves …. but wow, I can not believe how my back feels!

Jackie G.

Block Therapy Programs

Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, our Blockheads Program  suits your needs.  We offer live classes at 3 different times, covering the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.  


Some of the issues that our clients are currently working on are:

  • chronic pain
  • general health issues
  • restrictions in their mobility
  • improving posture
  • creating greater flexibility for their
  • chosen sport, like golf or tennis
  • improving metabolism which will
  • improve your body weight

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